Scaling is a hurdle that all digital agencies have to overcome, at one point or another. After your digital agency reaches a certain scale, you’ll begin to ask yourself what’s next. Especially if you’re trying to grow your revenue in the 6-7 figures range.

The best thing about digital agencies nowadays is that they don’t need that many people to operate. In some cases, an “agency” might be a handful of people who are handling multiple client account and getting excellent results. This provides maximum profitability and minimizes risk, as you don’t have to commit to hiring more people.

The only downside with this model though is scalability. While you can have an agency that brings in a decent revenue, you can’t scale this indefinitely. At some point, you’ll have to either hire more people or give up on growing your agency. That’s how scaling an agency used to work.

Thanks to LinkedIn social selling and a powerful tool like AgencyGrowth, you’ll be able to scale your business without changing your existing business model. Since most of the service you’ll be offering is automated, your small team can provide excellent results for lots of clients.


What are LinkedIn social selling services and how can you offer them to your clients?


LinkedIn social selling is like any other social selling process. You use a social network – which is LinkedIn, in this case – to find and connect with leads and prospects.

Here are some of these services to get you started:


1. Automated prospecting with a personal LinkedIn profile

Anyone who uses LinkedIn knows that manual lead generation is a waste of time and money. Many of your potential clients are spending countless hours each month trying to find new leads. What if you offer them leads without them having to spend all that time on the process?

Using a LinkedIn automation tool like AgencyGrowth, you can give clients 10x more leads at a fraction of the time. And since this process is fully automated, you can scale it as much as you want.

What’s in it for your client?

10x more leads and 80% less prospecting time.

What’s in it for your agency?

You can charge $300-$1000 per month for automating their LinkedIn prospecting with AgencyGrowth.


2. Sponsored LinkedIn Ads

While LinkedIn ads are more expensive compared to Google or FB, they give businesses access to a higher quality audience, especially for B2B companies. You can help your clients spread their message on LinkedIn using InMail Messages, text ads, or sponsored content.

What’s in it for your clients?

Access to high-quality audience on a network with much better conversion rates.

What’s in it for your agency?

You can charge $1000+ per month for managing your clients’ LinkedIn marketing.


3. Retargeting with LinkedIn insights tag

LinkedIn Insight Tags allow you to track everything related to a client’s campaign on LinkedIn. This includes conversions, as well as a lot of useful insights. You can even use these insights to track prospects outside on LinkedIn, to improve a clients’ lead nurturing process.

What’s in it for your client?

They can re-target leads, which is shown to decrease the post-click CPC by up to 4.7%.

What’s in it for your agency?

You can charge 1-2% of your clients’ ads budge to improve their CPC ROI with retargeting.


4. Content Creation

Nothing builds authority and gets businesses noticed on any platform like great content. And LinkedIn is no exception. Instead of having to create all the content themselves, your clients can hire you to handle this process for them. This includes everything from content strategy to creation.

And of course, you can handle the strategy and outsource the content creation to make process scalable.

What’s in it for your clients?

Building a strong presence and authority in their industry with high-quality content.

What’s in it for your agency?

You can charge $100 – $300 per 1000 words post.


5. Automated Content Posting

In addition to creating the content, you can help your clients ensure this content is posted regularly without any additional work from them. According to a recent study, LinkedIn profiles that post at least once per month gain up to 6x followers compared to profiles that don’t.

You can use a tool like Buffer, Agorapulse or Roosterly to automate the process so all you have to do is plan the posts.

What’s in it for your clients?

They’ll grow their LinkedIn followers by up to 6x faster without dedicating additional time to the process.

What’s in it for your agency?

You can charge $50-$200 per month for the content scheduling and automation process.


6. LinkedIn Groups Marketing

With more than 2 million active groups on LinkedIn, there are lots of opportunities there, especially for B2B companies. As an agency, you can offer your clients to interact on their behalf on different relevant LinkedIn groups. The key to succeeding is offering “real” contributions that aren’t salesy, and provide value to the readers.

What’s in it for your clients?

They’ll grow their profiles faster with up to 4x more views.

What’s in it for your agency?

You can charge $5-$10 per interaction on relevant LinkedIn groups.


How does AgencyGrowth work?

AgencyGrowth is one of those powerful-yet-simple whitelabel tools. This cloud-based LinkedIn social selling system allows you to offer automated LinkedIn lead generation services as brandable subscription-based solutions for your clients.

All you have to do is set your margins, subscription fees, and add your branding, and your very own SaaS solution is ready. It’s that simple!

As for the results your can bring your clients, LinkedIn is miles ahead of other social networks, especially is you’re a B2B company. With 25% of LinkedIn users being senior-level influencers and decision-makers, you have a much higher chance of getting your clients noticed by the right people.



Automation is the secret ingredient you need to scale your agency’s growth. With powerful automation tools like AgencyGrowth, you’ll be able to serve more clients and give them the same great results without dedicating much time to the process.